Men base jump from World Trade Centre in New York


This head cam footage, filmed by daredevils in New York, shows heart-stopping scenes as they jump from the top of the World Trade Centre.

The video features two extreme thrill-seekers taking the plunge from the top of the 104 storey building.

Assembled at the top with helmets and parachutes, one after the other they leaped from the edge, gliding down to the almost-deserted roads below and walk off into the night with their parachutes.

Security cameras around the World Trade Centre site had recorded at least two figures in black suits and helmets, landing and making their escape on foot, in the early hours last September.

One person is said to have remained on the ground while the other three jumped. Four men have been accused of organising the stunt, and were arrested on charges of burglary and reckless endangerment, after turning themselves in at a New York police station on Monday.

A lawyer representing one of the men characterised them as “professional thrill-seekers”, and said that all four men would plead not guilty.

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