Endurance Swimmer Tries for 5th and Final Time to Cross Florida Straits


Diana Nyad is off again.

After saying goodbye, the U.S. endurance swimmer is on her fifth attempt to swim from Cuba to Key West, Florida.

Accompanied by a small fleet of five support boats and a crew of 35, the 64-year-old is braving sharks, man o'wars and poisonous jelly fish, among other challenges.

Jellyfish stings sank her last attempt at the 103-mile swim, but this time she's wearing a protective silicone mask.

"I think I have some luck in my favor with Mother Nature. And I'm ready and the jellyfish protection that we've spoken about—better than it's ever been. I think it's going to help me get through those animals."

Nyad says this will be her last attempt.

Only one other swimmer has swum the Florida Straits. Australian Susie Maroney conquered the swim with a protective cage in 1997.

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