World’s largest floating Christmas tree lit up in Brazil


The weather outside might be frightful, but Brazil’s Christmas tree is delightful! They’ve kicked off the holiday season with a bang as they lit the world’s tallest floating Christmas tree in Rio de Janeiro. More than a hundred thousand locals and tourists turned out to see the 279 foot tree brought to life as its 3.1 million lights was switched on.

It’s been decorated to reflect five elements: water represented by blue lights and aquatic creatures, air shown within an array of birds, the forest theme took the form of butterflies macaws and monkeys, there was of course Christmas and humanity, which was represented by people linking hands.

The 542 ton structure was certainly not a let-down to these people in the crowd.

“A Christmas tree lit up like this. It’s beautiful. Beautiful. Truly something great and a new experience. And I hope I get to experience it again soon and have another Christmas here.”

“I loved it! It was great, great, great! I loved it.”

This annual Christmas tree ceremony first began in 1996, and its lighting celebration has become Rio’s third biggest tourist event.

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