Three-year-old snooker prodigy: Chinese toddler wows with snooker skills


Meet China's Wang Wuka, the three-year-old with an exceptional talent.

The little snooker prodigy has wowed fans with his skills, in one video even potting 15 balls in just ten seconds.

And it's little wonder he's so good. His father, a keen snooker enthusiast, had the table installed when he was born, denying him any other toys.

And nowadays, at the tender age of just three, little Wuka spends five hours a day practising. Other toddlers take note!

Difficult words:

exceptional = unusually good

snooker = a game played especially in Britain on a special table covered in green cloth, in which two people use long sticks to hit coloured balls into holes at the sides and corners of the table

prodigy = a young person who has a great natural ability in a subject or skill

pot = to hit a ball into one of the pockets (=holes at the edge of the table) in games such as billiards, pool, and snooker

keen = someone who is keen is eager to work or learn and enjoys doing it

tender age = the time when you are young or do not have much experience

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