Fans Inhale Apples iPad Air


High-fives and cheers at the iPad air launch.

"I've been waiting from 6pm. It was really fun and hard, but I like that I'm here now and I'm the first one. I was dreaming about this and this happened!"

Big things are expected of the lighter thinner tablet.

Reviews have been really good.

Including the one from CNET, Senior Editor Scott Stein:

"A lot of other people can't compete in providing something with that performance and that design and that platform support. You really look at the smaller tablets—I think is where you have a question of do you go budget? And you have a lot of competing people like that. You look at the iPad mini but in the large iPad, that $500 price even years later, I think that is still really tough to beat. "

And that's why he thinks people will pay up. For a full size tablet, the iPad Air is not even all that much more expensive than rival devices from Amazon, Microsoft and Samsung.

But that's the full size world—overall when it comes to tablets, who is Apple's enemy #1?

"I think it's Android. I think certainly there is a huge Android landscape out there, but I think that right now the way that the Android tablet landscape is set up is that a lot of it is about consumption—that Google play, and creating a usable multipurpose reading, video playing device versus something that you may be doing a ton of work on. "

Apple's answer to the smaller rivals, the new ipad mini with retina display, goes on sale later this month.

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