Wave Riders Compete in Munich Euro Championships


Europe's top surfers gathered in Munich on Sunday which hosted the 3rd European Championships in Stationary Wave Riding to ride on what organizers say is the world's largest artificial wave.

The Munich championship is among the highlights for European surfers who compete on the 32 foot-wide and five foot-high wave.

This year for the first time, a so called "kicker" or jump was integrated into the artificial wave which allows surfers to perform special rides and tricks.

The winner gets the prize money of around thirteen-thousand dollars.

The contest is in four categories—Men Open, Women Open, Masters Open and for the first time "Grommets", those aged under 16.

A jury headed by Spaniard Juan Carlos Rubio judges the surfers' performance according to the rules set out by the international Association of Surfing Professionals.

Decisive criteria are diversity, control, style, creativity and the repertoire of manoeuvers and tricks.

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