Facebook Mobile Becomes Sun Screen For Savvy Summer Marketers


Facebook's reach extends to the beach as holidaymakers take their mobile phones along with them on their vacation.

This summer is shaping up to be a pivotal moment for mobile advertising, as smartphones are becoming the hottest choice for holiday goers.

As a most personal device, people use their mobile phones to stay in touch with friends, share experiences and moments—now, more than ever.

Facebook's mobile monthly active users in June have increased by eighteen percent in the U.S. and twenty-two percent in the U.K. year on year.

This is all the more remarkable as the third quarter has traditionally been a wasteland for advertisers, as traditional forms of media see audiences dwindle as temperatures rise.

It appears Facebook's reach extends to the beach.

It's a massive opportunity for brands looking for new ways to connect with customers and reach people on the beach.

"Facebook is the place that they're spending all their time so with the right message sent to the right intended audience, it's a really incredible marketing opportunity for the summer."

More than ten-billion messages are sent each day on Facebook.

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